Elies van Sliedregt

  • Position:Professor of Criminal Law

Curriculum vitae
Elies van Sliedregt is Professor of Criminal Law at VU University Amsterdam and since 1 January 2016 Professor of International and Comparative Criminal Justice at Leeds University, UK. Previously, she taught at Leiden University and Utrecht University. From 2011 until 2015, Elies van Sliedregt was Dean of the Faculty of Law at VU. Since November 2015 she is member of the board of governors of Tilburg University; the university where she also obtained her doctoral degree.

Elies van Sliedregt has held visiting fellowships at Cambridge, Oxford, Bologna, UNSW and Monash University. In 2010, she was a visiting professional at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and in 2011 she was fellow-in-residence at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences for the KNAW (NIAS).

Educational activities
International Criminal Courts and Tribunals (MA) 

Research activities
Research Programme: Empirical & Normative Studies

Professor van Sliedregt has published extensively in the field of international and European criminal law. Her research interests lie in comparative research into principles of law, such as the presumption of innocence, the principle of culpability, and dual criminality (in extradition law). In recent research, funded by the Netherlands Research Council, Van Sliedregt looks into the possibility of a (partial) harmonization of substantive international criminal law.

International Criminal Law, Comparative Criminal Law, European Criminal Law, Dutch Criminal Law

Main publications
  • Sliedregt, E. van & Elst, R. van (2015), Handboek Internationaal Strafrecht, Deventer: Kluwer
  • Sliedregt, E. van & Vasiliev, S., (2014) (eds.), Pluralism in International Criminal Law, (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
  • Sliedregt, E. van, Ohlin, J.D. & Weigend, Th. (2013), ‘Assessing the Control-Theory’, Leiden Journal of International Law, Vol. 26, issue 3, 2013, 725-746 
  • Sliedregt, E. van (2012), Criminal Responsibility in International Law, Oxford monographs in international law  (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 
  • Sliedregt, E. Van (2009) Ten to One. A contemporary reflection on the presumption of innocence (The Hague: Boom Juridische Uitgevers, 2009) 
  • Sliedregt, E. van (2007), ‘Joint Criminal Enterprise as a Pathway to Convicting Individuals for Genocide’ 5 Journal of International Criminal Justice, 2007, p. 184-207

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