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Curriculum vitae
In 2006-12 Sergey worked as a research fellow at the Department of Criminal Law, University of Amsterdam and doctoral candidate at the Amsterdam Center for International Law, where he conducted research on the trial phase in international criminal proceedings and lectured on international criminal procedure. Since 2009, Sergey was a member and (managing) editor of the International Expert Framework on International Criminal Procedure (IEF). In addition, he has advised organs of international criminal courts and parties in the proceedings and provided research support to think-tank institutes in The Hague. He holds an LLM degree with specialization in international and European criminal law from Maastricht University (2005). His earlier experiences include working as a research assistant at the universities of Maastricht and Turku (Finland) as well as civil law practice in Russia.

Educational activities
International criminal courts and tribunals

Research activities
Sergey conducts research in the programme ‘Empirical and Normative Studies’, in particular the projects ‘Dealing with Divergence: National Adjudication of International Crimes’ and sub-project ‘Harmonisation and/or pluralism in international criminal law’ (NWO-Vidi).

His research is primarily normative and explores the various aspects of diversity (pluralism) in international criminal law and procedure resulting from the enforcement through multiple fora. The project addresses the implications of this diversity for the coherence and efficiency of the international criminal justice system. It also examines the need for and the possibility of ensuring greater harmonization as well as the mechanisms and factors that could limit the undesirable fragmentation.

International criminal law and procedure; comparative criminal procedure; international law; legal theory

Main publications
  • G. Sluiter, H. Friman, S. Linton, S. Vasiliev, S. Zappalà (eds), International Criminal Procedure: Principles and Rules (Oxford: Oxford University Press, f. 2013) 
  • G. Sluiter and S. Vasiliev (eds), International Criminal Procedure: Towards a Coherent Body of Law (London: Cameron May, 2009) 
  • S. Vasiliev, ‘General Principles and Rules of International Criminal Procedure: Definition, Legal Nature and Identification’, in G. Sluiter and S. Vasiliev (eds.), International Criminal Procedure: Towards a Coherent Body of Law (London: CMP Publishing, 2009) 19-89 
  • S. Vasiliev, 'Proofing the Ban on "Witness Proofing": Did the ICC Get it Right?', (2009) 20 (2-3) Criminal Law Forum 193-261 
  • S. Vasiliev, ‘Article 68(3) and the Personal Interests of Victims in the Emerging Practice of the ICC’, in G. Sluiter and C. Stahn (eds.), The Emerging Practice of the International Criminal Court (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 2009) pp. 635-90
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