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  • Unit:faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law (rechtstheorie en rechtsgeschiedenis)
  • Position:Professor of Legal Methodology, head of the department Legal Theory and Legal History

Curriculum vitae
Bart van Klink is Professor of Legal Methodology and head of the department Legal Theory and Legal History. He is responsible for the skills training in the legal curriculum, which consists of the following courses: Academic Legal Skills, Discovering the Law, Moot Court, Bachelor thesis and Methods of Legal Research. After having studied Literature Studies at Utrecht University, he became a PhD student at the Faculty of Law in Tilburg. Between 1995 en 2009 he was first Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor at the Department of Jurisprudence and Legal History, Tilburg University. In 1998 he graduated cum laude with a thesis on legal communication and symbolism (De wet als symbool: Over wettelijke communicatie en de Wet gelijke behandeling van mannen en vrouwen bij de arbeid). In his inaugural lecture on legal forms (Rechtsvormen: Autonomie van recht en rechtswetenschap, 2010) he addresses the question how the law should respond to challenges from society and science to change or give up its traditional ways of dealing with things.

Moreover, Van Klink is director of the Dutch Association for Philosophy of Law (VWR) and editor-in-chief of the international journal Law and Method (Recht en methode in onderzoek en onderwijs, ReM).

Educational activities
Legal Skills (Juridische vaardigheden)
Discovering the Law (Recht zoeken)
Moot Court (Pleitoefening)
Introduction to Jurisprudence (Inleiding tot de rechtswetenschap)
Methods of Legal Research (Methoden van rechtswetenschappelijk onderzoek) 
Legal research lab (Methoden van rechtswetenschap)
Bachelor thesis

Column almanak studievereniging QBD

Research activities
Van Klink participates in the research program Boundaries of Law. He is interested in methodological issues concerning law as an academic discipline and its relation to other disciplines, legal education, and legal argumentation and interpretation. Currently, he is editing together with Sanne Taekema (Erasmus University Rotterdam) a book about the development of facts and norms in law and their interrelation. Together with Britta van Beers and Lonneke Poort he started the research group Law, Life, and the Limits of Regulation (LLLR). In 2014 this research group will organize a congress on the symbolic dimensions of bio-regulation. Moreover, Van Klink publishes on topics such as the role of authority in law, academic learning, and the rhetorical justification of exceptional measures in situations of war and the of terrorism.

Legal methods, legal skills, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research, hermeneutics, rhetorics, legal reasoning, rule of law, authority, law and politics, fight against terrorism, legal theory, political theory, sociology of law.

Main publications
  • Klink, B.M.J. van & Taekema, H.S. (2012). Limits and Possibilities of Interdisciplinary Research into Law. ARSP. Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie. Beiheft, 17-3
  • Klink, B.M.J. van (2011). Symbolic Power: Political Rhetoric in a State of Exception. In T. van Haaften (Ed.), Bending Opinion. Essays on Persuasion in the Public Domain (pp. 307-325). Leiden: Leiden University Press. 
  • Klink, B.M.J. van & Taekema, H.S. (2011). On the Border. Limits and Possibilities of Interdisciplinary Research. In B.M.J. van Klink & H.S. Taekema (Eds.), Law and Method. Interdisciplinary Research into Law (pp. 7-32). Tübingen: Mohr Siebec
  • Klink, B.M.J. van & Lembcke, O.W.L. (2011). Zwischen 'Ausnahmezustand' und 'Autoimmunisierung'. Antiterror-Politik im Licht dezisionistischer, deliberativer und dekonstruktivistischer Politiktheorien (new, updated version). In M.H.W. Möllers & R.C. van Ooyen (Eds.), Neue Sicherheit 1: Theorie der Sicherheit (pp. 95-117). Frankfurt a.M.: Verlag für Polizeiwissenschaf
  • Klink, B.M.J. van (2009). Der Mythos der verlorenen Unschuld. Gewalt und Gewaltbekämpfung in den Niederlanden. In R. Gröschner & O.W.L. Lembcke (Eds.), Ordnung(en) in internationalen und europäischen Beziehungen (pp. 195-220). Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag 

Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculteit of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Ancillary activities

Boom Juridische Uitgevers

Den Haag
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Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte (OZSW)

Advisory Member of the section Ethics&Practical Phiosophy
01 May 2013

Vereniging voor Wijsbegeerte van het Recht (VWR)

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02 June 2013
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