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Curriculum vitae
Gareth Davies was a barrister in London before being a University Lecturer at the University of Groningen (2000-2007) and then moving to the VU (2007 to the present). In 2006 he was an Emile Noel Fellow at New York University Law School. He also teaches at Amsterdam University College.

Educational activities
EU law seminars
EU internal market law
Europese Rechtsbescherming
EU Law (Amsterdam University College)

Research activities
Gareth Davies participates in the research programme ‘Boundaries of Law’.

His research concerns primarily the division of powers between the EU and Member States, particularly in the context of economic integration. He has written on the internal market, subsidiarity, the preliminary reference procedure, and the balancing of interests in economic law. As part of a VIDI project funded by the Netherlands Scientific Organisation he is researching the constitutional and policy implications of PPM regulation within the EU. He also participates in the Amsterdam Global Change Institute, and has written on the law and policy of geoengineering (climate manipulation).

European integration, EU Constitutional law, Free Movement of goods and services, EU citizenship, Geoengineering.

Main publications

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