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Curriculum vitae
In the past I worked as a consultant for ECP-EPN, secretary of the RFID Platform the Netherlands and independent researcher. In 2009 I became a member of Council, a think tank and loose group of professionals with different ideas and opinions on the IoT.

Educational activities
Internet Affairs
Privacy & Security

Research activities
Tijmen participates in the faculty research programme Boundaries of Law and conducts research in the programme Transnational Legal Studies.

The EU has set a digital agenda for a phenomenon they refer to as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). This is not a clear-cut concept. It means that the internet will advance from a network of computers towards a network of things. Smartphones are a good example, but also smart washing machines and electricity meters prove that computing power is extending the traditional limits of the pc. The aim of the research is to assess the foreseeable impact of EU policy with regard to the IoT on the private sphere of the home. In addition this impact will be tested against the European laws concerning privacy.

ICT & Law, Privacy, Data protection & Personal data

Main publications
  • De RFID golf in de detailhandel: Worden wij verplicht mee te surfen in het Internet van Dingen? (Privacy & Informatie 
  • My secret life as an average person (met Tina van der Linden in Internetrecht) 
  • Hoeveel ruimte is er voor privacy in het Internet van Dingen? (met Arno Lodder in Internetrecht)

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