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The Faculty of Law of VU University Amsterdam is a medium-sized faculty with approximately 3000 students. It has a long tradition in law and society, having contacts in the legal and judicial institutions both in the Netherlands and abroad. Also, VU University Amsterdam is widely renowed for its ground-breaking criminological research. It hosts the internationally renowed criminological research institute NSCR.

Located in the capital city of a country with a long tradition of international trade, the Faculty of Law is experienced in teaching students about an open legal system. Historically, the Dutch have borrowed important elements from different European legal traditions. The mix of Roman law and the peculiarities of the Dutch legal system, together with French, German and English influences produces a perfect environment to become acquainted with the characteristics of the internationally complex legal systems.

Exchange programmes: Criminology and Law

The faculty offers courses in Criminology and Law, on Bachelor's as well as on Master's level. 

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Below you find more information about being an exchange student at VU University and the courses we offer. Also, you can read more about the application procedure en view our partner universities. 
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