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Research project: Access Denied


Irregular immigrants and persons with weak immigration status are often excluded from the formal social security arrangements in their countries of work and residence. This raises a growing number of legal, practical and political issues. This research project aims to explore new regulatory approaches to social protection and migration. It forms the follow-up of the international conference on social protection and migration: Access Denied. Working on a New Paradigm, that was held on March 13 and 14, 2012, in Amsterdam and brought together academics, policy advisers, practitioners, international organisations, NGOs and representatives of migrant interest groups.

The research group
The group established itself during the final working session of the conference, and set the agenda for follow-up.

The conference
The conference included key-notes by dr. Kay Hailbronner, dr. Paul Schoukens, and dr. Loïc Wacquant, seven parallel workshops addressing various facets of social protection for migrants and four excursions to NGOs in Amsterdam active in this field. View the papers and abstracts. A selection from the conference key-note speeches and workshop papers will be published later in 2012 in a special edition of an academic journal.

Academic context
The conference was organised by professor Gijsbert Vonk (University of Groningen), professor Sarah van Walsum (VU University Amsterdam) and dr. Arend Ode (associate lector Hoge School Amsterdam). It marked the end of the Cross Border Welfare research project. Conference participants received a reader containing the major findings of the Cross-border welfare group and an annotated bibliography. A published book version will be appearing with Intersentia later in 2012. > download the pre-publication of the conference book

The conference was made possible by a grant from the Stichting Instituut Gak, a private fund that supports research on social security and labour market policy. Both the conference and the follow-up research enjoy the support of committees of recommendation on both the national and the international level.


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