Papers and abstracts


Below you find all papers (and abstracts) that were presented during the parallel workshops. These workshops were programmed in the morning and afternoon.

Download the programme of the parallel workshops (PDF)

Morning session

A. Reception of asylum seekers (View abstracts)
Chair: Lieneke Slingenberg 

  • Liam Thornton:  ‘Reception Conditions for Asylum Seekers in the UK: Between Rights and Control’.
  • Nadine El-Enany:  ‘EU refugee law and the “deserving migrant”: Broadening access to welfare while legitimising exclusion’.
  • Karina Franssen: ‘Temporary Protection Directive: is the relatively high level of rights and benefits for persons enjoying Temporary Protection reflected in national transposition measures? The Netherlands, Germany and the UK as an example’.

B. Social rights of irregular migrants (View abstracts)
Chair: Dr. Klaus Kapuy 

  • Nicolae-Emilian Bolea: ‘Challenges and Opportunities at the Eastern Watchtower: Irregular immigrants through the eyes of Romanian Legislation’. 
  • Pim Fischer and Jeanette Kruseman: ‘Recent developments in Dutch case law with regard to social security for irregular aliens’. 
  • Dorothy Estrada-Tanck: 'Human security and human right of irregular immigrants: obligations of social protection and transnational vulnerabilities'. 

C. There is no morning session for this workshop

D. Integration requirements in migration and social policy (View abstracts)
Chair: Dr. Arend Odé & Karin de Vries   

  • Saskia Bonjour: ‘The transfer of pre-departure integration requirements for family migrants among  Member States of the European Union’.
  • Dora Kostakopoulou: ‘The Anatomy of Civic Integration’.
  • Moritz Jesse: ‘Why Pre-Departure Integration Requirements in Whatever Shape, Form or Size are Illegal and Would not Serve Any Purpose If they Were’.

E. New approaches to labour migration and social security: capita Selecta (View abstracts)
Chair: Prof. dr. Dimitri Koechenov  

  • Prof. dr. Marius Olivier: ‘The need for unilateral arrangements for the protection of migrant workers in the SADC region’. 
  • Dr. Wouter van Ginneken: ‘Extending Social Security to Migrant Workers: An Overview’. 
  • Prof. dr. Pablo Arellano Ortiz: ‘New development in social security protection for migrants in the Latin-American region‘   

F. Return facilities as an alternative form of social security (View abstracts)
Chair: Prof. dr. Heinrich Winter 

  • Maykel Bouma : ‘The implementation of the Returns directive from a case-law point of view'. 
  • Daan Beltman: ‘Voluntary return facilities in the Netherlands in a comparative perspective’.
  • Denise Spitzer and Nicola Piper: 'Retrenched and returned: Repatriated Workers, social protection and the golbal economy'.

G. Migrants’ informal sources of social security (View abstracts)
Chair: Prof. dr. Sarah van Walsum ( 

  • Maybritt Jill Alpes: ‘Marriage migration and social security: the production of fraud and selfishness’.
  • Valentina Mazzucato: ‘Transnational social security of Ghanaian migrants in The Netherlands’.
  • Paolo Boccagni: ‘Factoring transnational ties in migrants’ social protection? Crossborder care as liability and asset for immigrant domestic workers in Italy’.
  • Saskia Moerbeek & Dilek Karaagacli: ‘Cross the border: an investigation on migrants without papers and transnational forms of social security’.

Afternoon session

A: There is no afternoon session for this workshop

B. Social rights of irregular migrants (View abstracts
Chair: Dr. Klaus Kapuy

  • Sofia Ciuffoletti and Adriana Dias Vieira: ‘Juridical status and rights of irregular migrants in an international comparative perspective: the normative realities of Brazil and Italy’.
  • Andy Hall: ‘Migrant Workers’ Rights to Social Protection in ASEAN: Moving Forward Towards a Regional Standard?’.
  • Marie-Bénédicte Dembour: 'all equals or some more equal than others? Why gayguruz failed to create a new line of jurisprudence at Strasbourg'.

C. Income requirements in migration policy (View abstracts)
Chair: Eva Hilbrink

  • Thais Franca: 'Invisible web: controlling migration through economic mechanisms'.
  • Maria Chiara Locchi, University of Perugia: ‘Income requirements in Italian immigration policy’.
  • Eva Hilbrink: 'The ECJ and ECtHR dealing with income requirements in immigration law: How the immigration-clause affects judicial means-end scrutiny'.

D. Integration requirements in migration and social policy (View abstracts)
Chair: Dr. Arend Odé & Karin de Vries: ‘The ‘Life in the UK’ test and the discourse of belonging in Britain’.

  • Carolus Grütters: 'Integration tests abroad: the way to integration?'.
  • Jeanine Klaver: ‘Civic integration and citizenship and the inclusion and exclusion of immigrants in the Netherlands’.

E. New approaches to labour migration and social security: capita selecta (View abstracts)
Chair: prof. Dr. Pablo Arello Ortiz

  • Henk van der Most: 'Extraterritorial Protection of Residence Based Social Insurance: The Evolution of Dutch Law and Policy'.
  • Dr. Herman Voogsgeerd: 'The protection offered by employers within the labour contract'.
  • Prof. Dr. Dimitri Kochenov: 'The shame of the Blue Card: the social side of the story of (un)welcome foreign professionals'.    

F. Return facilities as an alternative form of social security (View abstracts)
Chair: Heinrich Winter

  • Christan Mommers: 'Just swim out to sea'. Human rights and the limits of voluntary departure as legal obligation.
  • Marlies Hesselman :’ Sharing responsibility for the socio-economic protection of (irregular) migrants? Protection of irregular mirgrants from a perspective of (extra-territorial) social and economic human rights law‘.
  • Lisa Tousek and Kristina Touzenis : ‘Irregular migrants' acces to economic and social rights in the country of destination and origin: particular focus on the Netherlands’.   

G. Informal social security and countries of residence (View abstracts
Chair: Dr. Sarah van Walsum

  • Lia van der Ham: toward safe migration; exploring vulnerability and coping strategies of female migrant workers 
  • Javier Moreno & Dunja Laries: Regional social welfare policies and informal faith based solidarity networks in the Muslim immigrant communities in Spain 
  • Maurizio Ambrosini: Immigrants and welfare services in Italy: solidarity beyond the law   
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