The World Wide Web is a phenomenon. It is now a central component to
social, organizational, governmental and business life. Thus,
understanding the Web from both a social and technical perspective is
essential to a wide variety of disciplines and careers.

In the minor Web Science, you will learn about the Web from its
foundations up. You will gain a broad understanding of the intricate
workings of the worlds biggest network. From there you will explore the
effects of the Web on society, from the flow of information to the
social implications of a connected world.

You will learn a set of powerful tools to research the Web and its
effects on the world from your own field of interest. Whether you are a
law student interested in jurisdiction in online environments, a social
scientist interested in the social effect of the web or a geologist
interested in the ramifications of the Web's infrastructure on the
physical world, the tools and techniques you need to study the Web are
found here.
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Web Information Periode 1 6.0 X_401063
Web Technology Periode 1 6.0 X_401066
Web Analysis Periode 2 6.0 X_401065
Web Society Periode 2 6.0 X_401083
Web Science Periode 3 6.0 X_401064
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