Programme committee

Every programme has to have a Programme Committee (PC). In a PC both students and teachers are equally represented. The Programme Board and the Faculty Board have to ask the PC to advise them about all possible educational matters, but especially about the working en practice of the Academic and Examination Regulations. The PC can also advise on its own initiative.

The students in the PC look after the interests of the students in the programme. Specific fields of interest are quality assurance, schedules, study load, quality of exams etc. Sometimes the PC reacts on complaints of students or on the basis of the experience of the students themselves.

PC members are installed by the Faculty Board and nominated by the Faculty Student Council. In September all students of the English spoken Master’s Programmes will be informed about the procedures.

A PC meets at least four times a year. Reading the necessary documents, deliberations with fellow members and the meetings themselves will cost about one day a month. A PC membership will allow you a look at the faculty from a very different perspective then usual and will enhance your stay at VU University.

Here you can download the Programme Committee Regulations.

For more information, please send an e-mail to Rob van Bogget, education policy officer: