Confidential advisers

By appointing confidential counsellors, the VU aims to offer protection and a safe workplace in an easily accessible manner to employees who feel they are confronted with undesirable behaviour such as undesirable work relationships, sexual harassment, violence or discrimination. De-escalation, problem solving and confidentiality are paramount for both decentralized and centralized confidential counsellors. 

Within the faculty, two staff members have been appointed as decentralised confidential counsellors for undesirable behaviour: Anne-Marie Slotboom, UHD at the Criminology Section and Martijn Stronks, UD at the Migration Law Section. 

If you would like to contact the confidential counsellors, you can contact them via the following contact details:

Anne-Marie SlotboomMartijn Stronks

Anne-Marie Slotboom

+31 20 59 82982

06 46605958

Martijn Stronks

+31 20 59 83412

06 47102270