Cuttitta, Dr. P. (Paolo)

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Post-Doc Researcher

Curriculum vitae
Before joining Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2013, Paolo was a post-doc researcher at Palermo University (2006-2010) and a DAAD visiting fellow at Hamburg University (Institute of Sociology, 2011) and Berlin’s Humboldt-University (Institute of Social Sciences, 2013). Paolo holds an MA in Political Sciences and a PhD in Human Rights (2006) from Palermo University. During his PhD research he visited at Tunis’ Al-Manar-University (Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, 2004) and Berlin’s Humboldt-University (Institute of Social Sciences, 2003). A geographer and sociologist, he has received a habilitation as an Associate Professor of Geography from the Italian Ministry of University and Research in 2014.

Educational activities
Paolo Cuttitta teaches Human Rights and Migration: Citizenship within the minor Transnational Law and Society.

Research activities
Paolo carries out his research activities at VU within the project “The Human Costs of Border Control”. He investigates on the processes of delocalization and denationalization in the Euro-African border regime, particularly in the Southern Central Mediterranean. More specifically, he is currently looking at: a) humanitarian discourses and practices; b) non-governmental search and rescue at sea; c) the multiplication and differentiation of non-state actors and their roles in migration and border management in North Africa.

Migration and Border Studies, EU and Italian Immigration Policies, Border Controls, Humanitarianism, Integration.

Main publications

Journal articles

  • Mandatory Integration Measures and Differential Inclusion. The Italian Case. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 17(1), 2016, pp. 289-302
  • P. Cuttitta, Borderizing the Island. Setting and Narratives of the Lampedusa Border Play. ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies 13(2), 2014, pp.196-219
  • P. Cuttitta, Migration Control in the Mediterranean Grenzsaum. Reading Ratzel in the Strait of Sicily. Journal of Borderlands Studies 29(2), 2014, pp. 117-131

Book chapters

  • Cuttitta, P. (2015). Humanitarianism and Migration in the Mediterranean Borderscape. The Italian-North African Border Between Sea Patrols and Integration Measures. In C. Brambilla, J. Laine, J.W. Scott & G. Bocchi (Eds.), Borderscaping: Imaginations and Practices of Border Making (pp. 131-140). Ashgate
  • Cuttitta, P. (2015). Territorial and Non-territorial: The Mobile Borders of Migration Controls. In Borderities, the mobile border hypothesis. Towards a post-modern conceptualization of space and borders (pp. 241-255). Basingstoke: Palgrave-McMillan

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