The different sections of the Constitutional and Administrative Law department provide various courses within the Bachelor’s programme of Rechtsgeleerdheid (Law). Within the Bachelor’s two minors are offered in the field of constitutional and administrative law:

• Overheid in publiek- en privaatrecht (Government in public and private law). This minor provides insight into the functioning of the government in legal practice and the relationship between public and private law.
• Human Rights and Migration Law. This minor investigates the relationship between migration and human rights. The courses focus on admission and deportation (Human Rights and the Border), citizenship (Human Rights and Citizenship) and current issues (Current Issues of Migration Law).

The department also provides the Master of Laws’ specializations Staats- en Bestuursrecht (Constitutional and Administrative Law), Arbeidsrecht (Labour Law) and International Migration and Refugee Law.

Within the specialization Staats- en Bestuursrecht (Constitutional and Administrative Law), students are asked to focus on the legal role of government in society. This means particular attention is paid to social issues and current issues. This includes issues within the domain of (political) constitutional law, general administrative law and social law. An example of a course offered within this curriculum is the course Migratierecht (Migration Law), which alternately focuses on refugees’ rights and family reunification rights.

The specialization Arbeidsrecht (Labour Law) is a partnership between the law faculties of the VU and the UvA. The great social importance and the interaction between private and public regulation, makes labour law a particularly fascinating area of law.

The specialization International Migration and Refugee Law looks at international migration from the perspective of international and European law, and focuses on the way this functions within the national legal system.