Marcelle Reneman

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( staats- en bestuursrecht )
Assistant Professor

Curriculum vitae 
Marcelle Reneman has worked as an assistant professor in the department of administrative and constitutional law since August 2013. She coordinates the Migration Law Clinic ( where students conduct research on complex topics in the field of European migration law in support of cases pending before the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice EU. From 2006 to 2013 she worked for the Institute of Immigration Law of Leiden University, first as a PhD candidate and later as an assistant professor. In the period 2001-2007 she was a policy officer at the Dutch Council for Refugees. In 2001 she worked as a jurist for the aliens chamber of the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State.

Educational activities 
Migration Law Clinic (
Migration and Legal Remedies
Migration Law
Internship coordinator
Thesis supervision

Research activities 
Marcelle Reneman conducts research in the programme 'Migration Law'. In the context of her PhD research she examined the potential meaning of the EU right to an effective remedy for the legality and interpretation of the EU Asylum Procedures Directive (2005/85/EC and 2013/32/EU). She specifically addressed the right of asylum applicants to remain on the territory of the Member State, the right to be heard, evidentiary issues and judicial review

Migration law, international, European and Dutch asylum and refugee law, procedural law, children’s rights, human rights, EU-law. 

Main publications 

  • EU Asylum Procedures and the Right to an Effective Remedy, Hart Publishing (2014) 
  • ‘Ne bis in idem-beginsel dient te worden ingeperkt, Implementatie en toepassing EU-regels over beoordeling en toetsing opvolgende asielaanvragen’, A&MR 2015, nr. 9/10, p. 368-381 
  • G. Beck, N. Mole and A.M. Reneman, The application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to asylum procedural law, ECRE/Dutch Council for Refugees (2014)
    ‘Expulsion of EU Citizens on the Basis of Secret Information: Article 47 of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights Requires Disclosure of the Essence of the Case, Review of European Administrative Law (2014), pp. 69-79 
  • ‘Speedy asylum procedures in the EU, Striking a fair balance between the need to process asylum cases efficiently and the asylum applicant’s EU right to an effective remedy’, International Journal of Refugee Law (2013), pp. 717-748
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Postal address

VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
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1081 HV Amsterdam

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