Willemijn Roozendaal

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( staats- en bestuursrecht )
Associate professor

Curriculum vitae
Mrs. W.L. Roozendaal has been working for the VU as assistant professor in labour law and social security law since 2009 and as associate professor since 2011. After graduating in law at the University of Amsterdam, she joined the Amsterdam law firm Boekel de Nerée as a practicing lawyer for four years. She then started her work as lecturer at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen en de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Her research resulted in numerous publications on dismissal law, sickness and disability law, working time regulation and rights to leave, and the significance of the right to privacy and equality rights in labour relations and social security law. She is editor in AR-updates and Academie voor Arbeidsrecht and is a board member of the Dutch Levenbachinstitute for labour law and social security law. Since 2011 she is one of the editors of the standard textbook in labour law, H.L. Bakels Schets van het Nederlandse Arbeidsrecht. Willemijn Roozendaal is a regular key-note speaker at congresses and post-academic courses, for example on privacy, working time regulation,rights to leave, and disability and re-integration law.

Educational activities
  • Labour Law (advanced course) 
  • Capita selecta Labour Law 
  • Human rights in labour law 
  • Social security law 
  • Coordination of Master thesis in labour law and social security law

Research activities
Willemijn Roozendaal conducts research in the programme 'Fundamental rights, regulation and responsible government'.

The research of Willemijn Roozendaal is devoted to important general themes in labour law and social security law, such as dismissal law, flexibility in labour relations, and the connection between labour law and social security law. Special attention is directed to the fundamental rights of employees, in particular disabled employees and employees with care duties. In these domains, choices and circumstances in the private sphere of the worker have impact in the public domain, e.g. employers and social security institutions. Hence, private choices may be regulated by public intervention. This may raise questions regarding the legal protection against governmental intervention in the private sphere, not only from the point of view of the employee or the beneficiary of social security benefits, but also from the point of view of the employer whose entrepreneurial freedom is restricted. Willemijn Roozendaal is interested in the balancing exercise between those legitimate though often not reconcilable interests.   

Labour law and social security law

Main publications
  • W.H.A.C.M. Bouwens, M. Houwerzijl, W.L. Roozendaal, Bakels Schets van het Nederlandse arbeidsrecht, 22e herziene druk, Deventer: Kluwer 2013 
  • W.L. Roozendaal, 'Flexibel verlof en flexibel werken', Tijdschrift Recht en Arbeid 2012/26. 
  • W.L. Roozendaal, Werk en privé, de strijd om tijd in het arbeidsovereenkomstenrecht (diss. Nijmegen), Monografieën sociaal recht, Deventer: Kluwer 2011. 
  • W.L. Roozendaal, 'Gezichtspunten bij ontslag: verwijtbaarheid, proportionaliteit en continuïteit', Arbeidsrechtelijke Annotaties 2009/3, p. 22-41. 
  • W.L. Roozendaal, 'Het grondrecht op snuiven of de grenzen van de gezagsbevoegdheid', Arbeidsrechtelijke Annotaties 2008/1, p. 43-76.

Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
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