Caroline Forder

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( bureau van de faculteit )
Professor Rights of the Child
Curriculum Vitae
  • Honorary Professor Rights of the Child at the Law Faculty of the Free University Amsterdam (since 1st February 2010)  and freelance author and researcher (since 1st February 2008).
  • Senior lecturer private law (0,8 fte) (1999-2006) and honorary professor European Family Law (1999-2010) at the Law Faculty, Maastricht University.
  • University lecturer (1991-1995 0,5, since 1995 0,8 fte) at the Law Faculty, Maastricht University (1991-1999).
  • Teacher English law (1988-1991) in the programme Law and Language in the Law Faculty, Maastricht University.
  • Leverhulme study abroad studentship (1987-1988) one year’s residence and study in East Berlin (before the wall came down) doing research into family law in East and West Germany.
  • Lecturer in law at the Law Faculty, Lancaster University, England (1980-1988).

Educational activities
Bachelor: public law (equal treatment), child law
Master: Children’s rights from an international perspective (English language course)

Dutch family law and child law, comparative family and child law, the direct effect of international treaty provisions on human rights in family and child law.

Main publications
  • ‘Child Protection: Human and Children’s Rights’, International Family Law 2006, p. 88-96 (Peer-reviewed essay).
  • With SAARLOOS, K., ‘The establishment of parenthood: a story of successful convergence?’ 2006
  • With N. Maxwell, ‘The Inadequacies in U.S. and Dutch Adoption Law to Establish Same-Sex Couples and Legal Parents: A Call for Recognition of Intentional Parenthood’, Family Law Quarterly 2004, pp. 623-662 (peer-reviewed essay)
  • ‘Seven steps to achieving full participation of children in the divorce process’, in: Jan C.M. Willems (ed.) Developmental and Autonomy Rights of Children: empowering children, care-givers and communities, Intersentia, Antwerp/Groningen/Oxford, 2002, pp. 105-140.

Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculteit of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam


Ancillary activities

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