Peter Kamminga

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( privaatrecht )
associate professor

Associate professor

Private law, contract law, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), law and economics, law and psychology, mediation, construction law, construction and alliance contracts.

Research activities
Peter Kamminga conducts research in the programme 'Public Contracts: Law & Governance'.

Kamminga researches the influence of legal governance structures on cooperation between organizations and individuals. He mainly focuses on the effects of these structures - laws, regulations, and (standard)contracts - on relationships between public and private legal entities. Central question to this research is: how do legal structures perform and how can they more effectively regulate and encourage cooperation between organizations and their representatives (agents)? Sectors studied are the construction industry and the personal injury sector.

Main publications
  • Kamminga, Y.P.,  ‘Negotiating form and content of effective legal governance structures’, Negocia, 2010, p. 81-95. 
  • Kamminga, Y.P., Bruggen bouwen - praktijkgids voor systematisch samenwerken in bouwprojecten. Gouda: PSIBouw/Regieraad. (PSIBouw Praktijkgids, 6, 2009, 45 pp). (Building bridges – Guide for systematic cooperation in Construction projects) 
  • Van Zeeland, C.M.C., Kamminga, Y. P., Barendrecht, J. M., A Code of Conduct for Negotiating Personal Injury Claims: Structuring the Shadow of Tort Law, In: Winkel, F.A. et. al. Victimization in a Multidisciplinary Key: Recent Advances in Victimology,  Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers 2009, pp. 207-246. 
  • Y.P. Kamminga, Towards Effective Governance Structures for Contractual Relations: Recommendations from Social Psychology, Economics and Law for Improving Project Performance in Infrastructure Projects, Tilburg: Tilburg University 2008, 506 pp. 
  • Barendrecht,J.M., Kamminga, Y.P., Zeeland, van C., (Willigenburg, S., Linden,van der J.) Gedragscode Behandeling Letselschade, Tilburg: Tilburg University 2006, 116 pp. (Code of Conduct Personal Injury Claim Handling).

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Educational activities
Introduction to law of obligations

Curriculum vitae 
  • Associate Professor, VU University Amsterdam (1 September 2010 - now)
  • Assistant Professor, University (2008-2010) 
  • Lecturer and coordinator of master course Negotiation and Mediation (0,2) (2000-2010) 
  • Ph.D student (0,6) and Contract Researcher, Tilburg University (0,4) (2005-2008) 
  • Legal Counsel De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V., The Hague (2000-2001) (0,2) 
  • Contract Researcher, Tilburg University (1999-2005) (0,8)

Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Ancillary activities

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