Martin R.F. Senftleben

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( privaatrecht )
Professor of intellectual property

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professor of intellectual property

Intellectual property law and information law; focus on the inner consistency of the intellectual property system, the cumulation and strategic use of intellectual property rights, the balance between exclusive rights and limitations serving social, cultural and economic needs.

Member of the editorial board of the Journal ‘Tijdschrift voor Auteurs-, Media- en Informatierecht' (AMI), the advisory committee for the online information platform and the Dutch section of the Association littéraire et artistique internationale (ALAI). 

Industriële eigendom
International Intellectual Property Law

Current research activities concern cultural aspects of the protection of intellectual property, such as the influence of copyright law on individual and collaborative processes of creation, particularly in the participative web 2.0; the role of (well-known) trademarks and transnational trademark registration systems in the exchange of cultural values; the use of protection mechanisms of intellectual property law with regard to the preservation of traditional cultural expressions; the evolution of competition culture and the protection against unfair competition in former centrally-planned economies.

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Ancillary activities

Bijblad bij de Industriële Eigendom - Unknown Amsterdam, 02 december 2013
Bird & Bird - Senior Consultant Den Haag, 02 december 2013
Tijdschrift voor AMI - Unknown Amsterdam, 02 december 2013
Trademark Law Institute (TLI) - Board member Amsterdam, 02 december 2013
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