Wouter Veraart

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( rechtstheorie en rechtsgeschiedenis )
Curriculum vitae 
Wouter Veraart is Professor of Legal Philosophy and Director of Research at the VU University Amsterdam. He is responsible for the courses in legal philosophy within all Bachelor programmes of the Faculty of Law and committed to the Master Programme  Philosophy of Legal Science.

Veraart studied Law and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Before his appointment as Professor in 2009, he lectured in legal philosophy at the VU University and in legal history at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In Rotterdam, in 2005, he obtained his PhD degree (cum laude) on 'The Deprivation and Restitution of Property Rights during the Years of Occupation and Reconstruction in the Netherlands and in France'. For this book and related publications he received the Dirk Jacob Veegens Award in 2006. In 2007, he obtained a three-year Veni grant on the topic 'Time, Restitution and the Law' from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. In his inaugural lecture 'The Passion for a Mundane Legal Order', in 2009, he paid attention to the legal consequences of forgetting and remembering as collective answers to injustice of the past.

Educational activities
Introduction to Legal Science (B1 course)
Philosophy of Law I (B1 course)
Philosophy of Law II (B3 course)
Philosophy of Law for Criminologists (BC2 course)
Law and Society (Minor profile)
Philosophy of Legal Science (Master programme)

Research activities
Wouter Veraart participates in the research programme Boundaries of Law. His research focuses on the boundaries between law and morality, in particular when society is dealing with past injustice.

Property- and restitution issues after periods of injustice, rule of law, tension between peace and justice, victimhood, philosophy of human rights.

Main publications
  • Veraart, W.J. (2015). Bescherm het slachtoffer, begin bij de verdachte. Justitiële Verkenningen, 41 (5), 62-80.
  • Veraart, W.J. (2014). The Experience of Legal Injustice. Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, 43 (3), 267-278. doi: 10.5553/njlp/.000022
  • Veraart, W.J. (2014). Between Justice and Legal Closure: Looted Art Claims and the Passage of Time. In E. Campfens (Ed.), Fair and Just Solutions? Alternatives to litigation in Nazi-looted art disputes: status quo and new developments (pp. 211-221). The Hague: Eleven International Publishing.
  • W.J. Veraart, ‘Not In Our Name! Losing Humanity in Current Human Rights Discourse’, in: B.C. van Beers, L.D.A. Corrias & W.G. Werner (eds.), Probing the Boundaries of Humanity. Crimes against Humanity, Human Dignity and the Commons of Mankind across International Law and Biolaw, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming).
  • W.J. Veraart, ‘Forgetting, remembering, forgiving, and the mundane legal order’, in: B. van Stokkom, N. Doorn & P.J.M. van Tongeren (eds.), Public Forgiveness in Post-Conflict Contexts (Series on Transitional Justice, Vol. 10), Cambridge/Antwerpen/Portland: Intersentia 2012, p. 65–89.
  • W.J. Veraart & L.C. Winkel (eds.), The Post-war Restitution of Property Rights in Europe. Comparative Perspectives, Amsterdam/Aalen: Scientia 2011.

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