Transnational Legal Studies

afdeling TLS 2015

Our department Transnational Legal Studies is characterized by a group internationally oriented scholars fascinated by questions related to law and globalization. For long sovereign nation states created laws, governed, and judged. Due to international treaties, part of sovereignty was given up. The transnational European Union was a next step, and enforcement as well as relevance of sovereignty is further complicated by the inherent cross-border internet. Cross-border phenomena like the internet, environmental issues, international crimes, and terrorism ask for regulative regimes beyond the traditional normative regime based upon the sovereignty of the nation state.

By joining of the groups of International law, EU law, and Internet law a unique cooperation on both research and education originated. We do not only consider national, European and international law, but also take into account the role that NGOs, businesses and interest groups play in the development of norms. The emphasis is not only on positive law, but also on the social, economic, symbolic and political dimension of cross border issues.

It is a great pleasure to be part of this group of enthusiastic scholars deeply concerned with substantive issues. As a consequence students really appreciate our courses and our reputation is like our research also crossing borders. We do not keep this inspiring environment only to ourselves, for we are happy to welcome several guest researchers that join us with pleasure and satisfaction for some weeks or months.

Prof. Wouter Werner
Department head Transnational Legal Studies