Mission and team


The Career Office brings together students, the Faculty, alumni and the industry. The main objective of the Career Office is to optimize the liaison between students and the labour market. In concrete terms, this means establishing and maintaining partnerships. These partnerships are built with students, the occupational field as well as the Faculty. Our core values in this mission are 'professionalism' and 'quality'.


Mireille SchoutenMireille Schouten has been a part of the Career Office since 2016. In 2009 she graduated in Private Law at Utrecht University after which she worked as a lawyer practicing Family Law for 5 years. To Mireille the move to the Career Office was a logical one. Her heart is in pioneering work and in the development of new, creative opportunities. As a Career Officer, Mireille makes use of her experience in advocacy such as her knowledge of various interview techniques. The Career Office aims to establish a liaison between students, teachers, and the occupational field. To reach this goal, she readily engages her legal network.


Mireille Schouten

Ellen HiemstraEllen Hiemstra has been working at the Career Office since 2016. She graduated in Private Law at Radboud University. Ellen worked as a lawyer in Labour Law at Achmea after which she made the switch into the educational field. She organised the vocational training advocacy (Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur) and worked as secretary of the diversity committee for the legal profession. Later, she worked as a study programme coordinator of postgraduate legal education at the VU Law Academy. In this role Ellen focussed on expanding VU Law Academy’s service by developing various courses and study programmes for graduated lawyers as well as organising tailor-made programmes for businesses. Helping people and organisations to reach their goals is what drives Ellen. She possesses a large legal network and likes to work on projects. Additionally, Ellen likes to help students with their personal growth and making the right decisions. In 2012 she completed the course Coach at Schouten en Nelissen.  


Ellen Hiemstra

Foto HelenaHelena van Veen has been a part of the Career Office as a communication officer since 2020. In 2015 she graduated in English Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam and in English Literature at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After completing her studies, Helena worked for almost 4 years at the International Office of VU Amsterdam. In this role she coordinated, among other things, the immigration process for non-EU students. Tasks involving creativity, such as writing newsletters and organising events, excited her most. It was no more than logical then that Helena decided to develop her career into the direction of Marketing and Communication. With the aid of a career coach, she successfully made a career switch. Due to her own search of a suitable career upon graduation, she would love to help current students discover what career would suit them. 

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