Coaching and advice

Please see below the coaching and advice services we offer to our students. You can book an appointment with one of our Career Officers through the Career Portal. You can also find more information about the Career Portal on VUnet

What type of career suits you best? Or are you finding it difficult to make a choice when it comes to your future? Schedule a Career Coaching session through the Career Portal to help you answer these questions. Prior to this appointment, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire to give you some food for thought. Your answers will serve as the starting point during the appointment. This way you will receive tailored advice.

Would you like to have your CV and cover letter checked by a professional? Schedule an individual appointment with one of our career coaches through the Career Portal. You will receive tailored advice and tips on how to make a strong impression with your CV and cover letter.


  • In the Career Portal you will find some tips & tricks to get you started on your CV and cover letter.
  • For general information about applying to jobs, please visit VUnet

Do you get tense at the prospect of having a job interview? It really helps to practice!

During the appointment you will have the opportunity to practice your interview skills during a realistic mock interview. By means of the vacancy you are applying to, your CV and cover letter, you will have a mock interview with one of our Career Officers. The Career Officer will take on the role of the recruiter. Afterwards, you will receive extensive feedback. Apart from feedback on your answers during the interview, you will also receive feedback on the general impression you make, your non-verbal communication, attitude and appearance.

Schedule an appointment for a mock interview through the Career Portal!

An internship is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the employment market and to gain practical experience. It also gives you the chance to test your knowledge in practice. Are you finding it hard to choose an internship or organization? Or are you unsure how to go about finding the best internship? Make an appointment through the Career Portal.

If you have a specific programme-related question about an internship (e.g. you want to earn credits for your internship), you should contact the internship coordinator for your degree programme.

Would you like to have a professional check of your LinkedIn profile to showcase yourself in the best possible way? Schedule an appointment with one of our Career Coaches through the Career Portal to obtain feedback, and tip and tricks to increase visibility and findability on this social media platform.

Tip: Navigate to Extra Info in the Career Portal to find some tips you can apply to your LinkedIn profile.