Workshops and events

The Career Office regularly organises workshops and events to help you prepare for your career. You have access to a variety of helpful activities, ranging from workshops on how to draft a good CV and a cover letter that stands out from the crowd to to workshops that help you prepare for an interview. For some of the workshops we make use of external coaches. 


This is what participants say about the workshops in 2020:

''I liked the tips given on how to write a good CV, I think it really helped me to know how I can make my CV better.''

''I really found the tips about networking and keeping the connection with people useful.''

''What I particularly liked about the workshop CV and cover letter were the interactive parts with a peer looking at both our documents.''


Below you will find an overview of all our upcoming events. Please mind the application deadlines on the Career Portal and make sure you register in time! 

June 2021, exact date to be announcedInternational Career Event
2 March 2021Online workshop Mock Interview
19 November 2020Online workshop CV and Cover letter 
26 October, 2 November, 9 November, 30 November 2020Kickstart Your Career (Dutch only)
2 October 2020Online workshop Assessment: wat is het en hoe werkt het? (Dutch only)
21, 22, 24 September 2020Online Quick cv scan
8 June 2020Online workshop Assessment: wat is het en hoe werkt het? (Dutch only)
12 May 2020Online International Career Event 
11 May 2020Online workshop CV en Brief (Dutch only)
3 March 2020Mock Interview
2 March, 9 March, 30 March, 20 April 2020 
Kickstart Your Career (Dutch only)
13 January 2020 
De start van je loopbaan begint bij jezelf!: wie ben je, wat kom je brengen bij een werkgever en hoe bereik je anderen met je loopbaanverhaal 

Please visit the Career Portal for more information about upcoming events of the Career Office.