International Master's Programmes


The Faculty of Law of VU Amsterdam offers the following international master's degree programmes:

International Business Law: Transactions and TradeInternational Business Law: specialization in Commercial Transactions (LLM)
Become a world-class business lawyer. Study and understand the implications of law in the international arena.
Finance and BehaviorInternational Business Law: specialization in Markets and Behavior
The modern lawyer: not just the law, but finance and behavior as well
International Business LawInternational Business Law: specialization Climate Change and Corporations
Targeting the most complex legal challenge of our time
ICCInternational Crimes, Conflict and Criminology  (MSc)
Genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes. Study the causes. Search for solutions.
Opleidingsbeeld International MigrationLaw: International Migration and Refugee Law  (LLM)
International migration from the perspective of international and European law
Law: International Technology Law
Law: International Technology Law (LLM)
Technological progress makes us re-examine questions such as what it means to be a human being, and how we relate to each other and to the natural world. Law shapes and reflects the answers we find.
TLSLaw: European and International Law (LLM)
Focus on law beyond the state in its social, political, economic, symbolic and policy context.
LPISLaw and Politics of International Security  (LLM)
Understand international law in its political context. Develop a broad view of international security. Study the interaction between international legal institutions and international politics.