Amsterdam Law Forum

The new Amsterdam Law Forum team has been formed last week. Amsterdam Law Forum (ALF) is the student-run ' International Law Journal' of VU University.

11/22/2019 | 1:23 PM

The team

The new team consists of four editors (Nicoleta Mirza, Deniz Hazer, Denisa Fekollari and Aniek Padmos), a Senior Board Editor (Andi Baaij), an Associate Chief editor (Rumer Ramsey) and an Editor in Chief (Victoria Sadaf Azizi). The added value of this diverse team is its shared interest and knowledge in international law linked to other relevant legal areas, including business, human rights, migration, technology, trade and investment law.

The journal

Every year ALF publishes a winter, spring, and summer issue. The journal consists of three sections; scientific articles, opinion articles, and commentaries. As of this year, ALF also creates a section for inaugural speeches. In addition, ALF hosts a conference in spring with a relevant legal theme, where renowned speakers are invited to share their perspectives.

Overall, ALF is a topical journal that provides a platform for established scholars and young academics to share knowledge, opinions and experiences and to make contributions to the international law discourse. Staff, PhD students and master students who have written a very good thesis are invited to submit an article to ALF. What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb: we are looking forward to sharing your articles on our website!