Veni for research "Choosing the right side: factors that lead to non-criminal hacking" by Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded a Veni grant of up to 250,000 euros to 162 promising young scientists - twelve of which from VU University Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc.

11/05/2020 | 2:57 PM

Criminologist Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg is one of them. With the funding, the laureates can further develop their own research ideas for three years.

Weulen Kranenbarg is awarded the Veni for the study "Choosing the right side: factors that lead to non-criminal hacking." Besides criminal hackers, there are also non-criminal hackers who actually contribute to the security of IT systems. Weulen Kranenbarg uses the life course and situational and cultural factors to show why non-criminal hackers remain on the right side of the law and use their skills for cybersecurity.