Events Graduate School

Activities organized by the Graduate School are always open to all Faculty members and interested outside parties. We do request that you register for activities in advance via

If you are interested in organizing an activity within the framework of the Graduate School, let us know. The Graduate School is always prepared to consider proposals.

Upcoming events

Intrafaculty seminar* - 12 December 2019

Intrafaculty seminar - 19 March 2020

Intrafaculty seminar - 4 June 2020

*Intrafaculty seminars are part of a series of seminars during which PhD candidates are expected to present their research and engage in discussions with their peers.

Recent events

Intrafaculty seminar - 6 June 2019

Intrafaculty seminar - 13 December 2018

Intrafaculty seminar - 18 October 2018

Graduate School Kick-Off Meeting - 27 september 2018

Masterclass Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research with Donald Langevoort - 29 May 2018