Events Diary

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Upcoming events

Time and placeEvent
March 16 2018

VU Amsterdam
Initium room 2A-47
Dr Suzanne Poppelaars, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
“European integration and the power of the purse: the Dutch parliament vs. the Bundestag”
March 22 2018

VU Amsterdam
Initium room 2A-47
"The future of EU criminal law symposium"

Prof. André Klip (Maastricht University), “Mutual Trust in Cooperation in Criminal Matters, Challenges Ahead”
Prof. Estella Baker (De Montfort University): “EU criminal law after Brexit” 
Dr. Tony P. Marguery (Utrecht University), “Euprisoners and the future of mutual recognition in EU criminal law”
Dr Auke Willems (LSE): Rejoinder and discussion  You can find the programme here.
April 19 2018
VU Amsterdam
Initium room 3A-57
Dr Oxana Golynker, University of Leicester
“Reflections on EU citizenship in the light of Brexit” 
Comments by Dr. Claudio Matera, Twente University

Past events

Time and placeEvent
1-2 February 2018

Uva: REC-A Building
Seminar room A3.01
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
The public uses of coercion and force:
from constitutionalism to war

Download the Programme for more information.
7 December 2017

VU Amsterdam
Initium room 2A-47
Transnational Representation in EU National Parliaments

Afternoon seminar by Ben Crum
16 November 2017

VU Amsterdam
Initium room 3B-59
Global regulation of online incitement to terrorism

Lunch seminar by Myriam Feinberg (Minerva Centre for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, Haifa).
Lunch provided.
20 October 2017

VU Amsterdam
Main building room 1D-12
Institutionalizing Integration

Lunch seminar by Floris de Witte (LSE).
Paper to be circulated. Lunch provided.
12 October 2017

VU Amsterdam
Initium room 3B-58
The System for Selecting and Appointing Judges at the CJEU - A Critical Inquiry (2.0)

Lunch seminar by Henri de Waele (Radboud University Nijmegen).
Coffee/tea and cookies provided.
15 June 2017

VU Amsterdam
Initium room 1A-49
VU-CELS Lunch Seminar

The Pluralist Character of the European Economic Constitution
Clemens Kaupa (VU Amsterdam)
31 May 2017
VU Amsterdam
Initium room 1A-49
VU-CELS Lunch Seminar
Union Citizens and Welfare State Bureaucracy
Dion Kramer (VU Amsterdam)

12 May 2017
VU Amsterdam
Room 1A-49 (Initium)
Dr. Antonia Waltermann (Maastricht University) on 'Sovereignty and the European Union'.
20 April 2017
15:00 VU Amsterdam
Room 2A-45 (Initium)
CELS Afternoon seminar - Dr. Luigi Corrias (VU)
'European Integration and the Return of the Demos-Question'.
3 Mar 2017

VU Amsterdam
Main building, Forum 3
The European Union as an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Symposium and book launch

Download the programme
Room 2A-47 (Initium)
CELS Lunch seminar - Nik de Boer
Judging European Democracy: Constitutional Courts, Democratic Legitimacy and European Integration


Time and placeEvent
29 January 2016

Wyndham Apollo Amsterdam
Workshop 'Exploring structures of proportionality and justification in contemporary constitutional law: methods against injustice in Europe and beyond'
(co-sponsored by Access Europe Amsterdam and the VENI grant)
8 April 2016

Initium building,
rooms 2A-45/47
Prof. dr. Jean d'Aspremont will be addressing Structures of International Legal Argumentation in Theory and Practice.
Prof. dr. Wouter Werner and prof. dr. Gareth Davies will offer responses.
19 May 2016

Initium building,
room 3B-52
Asylum as a negative duty. Changing the burden of justification in refugee law
Bas Schotel, University of Amsterdam
25 May 2016

Main building,
room 01A-37
The exercise of EU criminalization powers after Lisbon
Jannemieke Ouwerkerk, Tilburg University
10 June 2016,
11 June 2016,

NH Amsterdam Zuid hotel
Trafficking in Human Beings in European Context - Alternative and Philosophical Perspectives

International workshop co-sponsored by ACCESS EUROPE Amsterdam

Draft programme          
30 June 2016

Initium building, room 2A-47
Lunch seminar: Dr. Bertjan Wolthuis onPrinciples of regional union. An extension of John Rawls’ political liberalism
Sandwiches and coffee/tea will be provided.    
Fri 21 Oct 2016

Symphony Building,
Zuidas, Amsterdam
EU Market Regulation, Financial Crimes and Global Security Governance
International workshop, co-sponsored by ACCESS EUROPE

Programme and discussions
Wed 16 Nov 2016

Main building room 0G-10
Dworkin's theory of rights in the age of proportionality
CELS lunch Seminar, by dr. Kai Möller, LSE
Fri 25 Nov 2016

Initium building room 3B-45
Legal Authority and the Globalisation of Inclusion and Exclusion
CELS afternoon seminar, by prof. Hans Lindahl, Tilburg Law School
Thu 8 Dec 2016

Main building room 1D-26 (Forum 6)
European Judicial Cultures
CELS lunch seminar, by prof. Elaine Mak, Utrecht University


DateTime (place)Event
6 November 201512.00-13.30 in Room HG 15A33
Professor Sacha Prechal (Judge of the European Court of Justice)
'The principle of mutual trust in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice'. Commentator: Dr Evelien Brouwer (VU)
8 October 201512.30-14.30 in Room WN-F630Mr Aravind Ganesh, (Max Planck Institute Luxembourg/ IHEID Geneva)  
'The EU's Human Rights Obligations towards Distant Strangers'
10 September 2015 12.30-14.30 in room MF-A301Dr. Gerard Conway (Brunel University London)
'Old Habits Die Hard? Some recent case law highlights from the European Court of Justice and method of legal reasoning'
19 June 201512.30- 15.00 room IN 2A-45Dr Sanja Bogojevic (University of Lund)
‘The application of preliminary rulings by national courts: the after 'happily ever after'
5 June 201512.30-15.00 room IN 2A-45Prof Nicholas Ryder (University of West England)
‘A contemporary review of the relationship between the global financial crisis, financial crime and white collar criminals’. Commentator: Prof Wim Huisman (VU)


Date Time (place)Event
11 December 201415:30-17.15 (HG05A02)Pavel Molek (Masaryk University): Material Cores of Constitutions - the True Eternal Obstacle for EU Integration?
4 December 201415:30-17:15 (IN3B-59)Marija Bartl (UVA): Designing a Postnational Marketplace: The Democratic Challenges of the Transantlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
24 November 201415:30-17:15 (IN3B-44)Marion Guerrero (EUI): Activating the Courtrooms: “Windows of opportunity” in strategic same-sex rights litigation before the CJEU and the ECtHR
6-7 November 201409:00-17:00
Wyndham Apollo Hotel Amsterdam
Towards a Grammar of Justice in EU Law Conference
16 May 2014  
13:00-15:00 (IN2A-47)
Elise Muir (Maastricht University): The proceduralisation of EU anti-discrimination law: a critical assessment of the 2014 Directive on measures facilitating the exercise of rights conferred on workers in the context of freedom of movement of workers
30 January 201415:30-17:30 (IN2A-47)Prof Jurian Langer (head of the EU litigation team at the Dutch Foreign Office and professor of European law in Groningen): “The Court, EU-litigation and black holes”


Date Time (place)Event
02-12-201313:30-15:15 (HG 5A-06)Marion Guerrero (EUI): Strategies for Social Change: LGBT rights litigation in Europe
22-11-201311:00-12:45 (seminar room IN 3B52)Nathan Cambien (Leuven): "Recent EU citizenship case law and its impact on the immigration policies of the Member States"
20-09-201315:30-17:00 (seminar room IN-3B58)Prof Michal Bobek (College of Europe): "The Importance of Being a Textualist: Darker Legacies of Purposive Reasoning in the New and the Old Europe"
07-06-201313:30-17:00 (IN3B44)Corporate Social Responsibility and production standards viewed through the lens of EU competition law
06-06-201315:30-17:00 (seminar room IN3B58)Dr Tobias Lenz (VU): "The Political Economy of 'Institutional Symbolism': the The EU and Parliamentarization Among Regional Economic Organizations" 
21-03-2013 15:30-17:00 (seminar room IN3B58)Dr Lyn Tjon Soei Len (University of Amsterdam/Centre for European Contract Law): The effects of Contracts Beyond Frontiers: A Capabilities Perspective on Externalities and Contract Law in Europe.”
07-03-201312:30-14:00 (seminar room HG06A02)Dr Joana Mendes (University of Amsterdam): “Procedural legitimacy between legal geographies and transnational spaces. An empirical account and theoretical perspectives”
18-01-201314:30-16:00 (seminar room IN-3B 58).Professor Monica den Boer (VU/Dutch Police Academy): “The EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: Complexities & Challenges Ahead”


Date Time (place)Event
6 December 2012 15:30 (IN-3B52)Dr. Poul Kjær, University of Copenhagen: 'Between Governing and Governance in EU law'
22 November 201215:30 (BV-0H20) Dr. Constanze Semmelmann, Maastricht: 'General Principles in EU Law between a Compensatory Role and an Intrinsic Value?'
8 November 201212:00 (HG0G28)Prof. Dimitry Kochenov, Groningen: 'Tû-­Tû and Real Life: In Search of the Duties of (EU) Citizenship'
25 october 201213:00 (HG-0G08)Dr. Luigi Corrias, VU University: 'European Integration: Towards Political Union?'
8 June 201215:30 (IN 2B-59)Dr. Dorota Leczykiewicz (University of Oxford): ‘Where Angels Fear to Tread’: The EU Law of Remedies and Codification of European Private Law’
24 May 201215:30 (IN 2B-59)Prof. Deirdre Curtin (ACELG/University of Amsterdam): ‘Separation of Powers in the EU in the Post-Montesquieu Era’
2 May 201215:30 (UvA, Boardroom A001, Oudemanhuispoort 4)Afternoon symposium jointly organized with the UvA/ACELG ‘EU law as Global Governance Law? Symposium on EU-ETS’
26 April 201215:30 (IN 3B-59)Prof. Jukka Snell (Swansea University): ‘Varieties of capitalism and EU law’ 
9 March 201215:30 (IN 2B-59)Prof. Michael Dougan (Liverpool University): ‘The Impact of the General Principles of Union Law on Private Relationships’