VU Centre for European Legal Studies

The VU Centre for European Legal Studies (VU-CELS) is a meeting point for researchers at VU Amsterdam with an interest in EU legal studies, integration, theory, policy and the principles upon which EU law is built.

Familiar standards of justice, human rights, the rule of law and democracy, developed against the background of the nation state, are contested in an EU context. How are these standards to be understood? The Centre also studies market regulation, citizenship, migration, environment, criminal law, human rights and “Area of Freedom, Security and Justice” law in EU and global contexts. These and other themes are discussed by the researchers of European law and theory who are part of VU-CELS.

The Centre organizes monthly lunch and afternoon seminars where researchers are invited to present their work-in-progress or published work. In addition, the Centre hosts annual international conferences on various topics concerning EU law in a broad sense. The Centre is directed by Ester Herlin-Karnell and Bertjan Wolthuis.