Kooijmans Institute

The Kooijmans Institute for Law and Governance hosts six of the faculty's eight research programmes. Each programme's line of research relates to the central theme of Law and Governance. The institute approaches legal issues from an international, transnational or meta-legal perspective, and steers its publications towards international scientific debate.

The institute's research lies at the interface between various disciplines, or between legal subdiscipines, for example between public and private law. Renewing insights are found at these boundaries of (sub)disciplines.

The Kooijmans Institute fulfills one of VU Amsterdam's central thematic areas: Governance for Society. Director of the institute is prof. Edward Kleemans.

Kooijmans Fellowships

The Kooijmans Institute for Law and Governance has founded a Fellowship program to enable scholars to work at the Faculty of Law in collaboration with one of the seven research programmes. More information on the fellowship can be found here.

Kooijmans Lectures

The institute hosts the annual Kooijmans Lecture. See and read the prior Kooijmans Lectures.

Law and Governance

Law operates in a context of public administration and society, where historical, political, economic, social and technological aspects play a part. The Kooijmans Institute includes this rich societal context in her research questions, and seeks connection with concrete societal needs and themes. Empirical and legal-theory insights are critically studied and employed.

Blurring between public and private
Contemporary regulatory issues are comples, because public and private law aspects intermix. The Kooijmans Institute does research that expressly focuses on legislatory and regulatory matters where the traditional roles of private parties and public governments blur together.

Globalisation causes difficult issues in public administration in the areas of law, politics and justice. The institute's research is on the interfaces between law, (international) politics and morality.

Peter Kooijmans

Kooijmans, 1974
The institute is named after Peter Kooijmans (1933 - 2013), who studied at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and who was awarded his doctorate at VU Amsterdam, where he subsequently obtained a chair in international law. He was later appointed as Full Professor at the University of Leiden, Minister of Foreign Affairs, a judge at the International Court of Justice and Minister of State.

The name ‘Kooijmans Institute’ is not only a tribute to this remarkable lawyer, it also guides our mission and focus. Peter Kooijmans dedicated his life to issues of international peace and security and was conscious of the relationship between law, politics, and morality, with the ethical and moral components of international and national legal issues forming an important theme of research. In that tradition, the Kooijmans Institute approaches legal issues from an international, transnational and meta-legal perspective. The Institute operates on the cutting edge of law, ethics and (international) politics with a focus on those regulatory measures which transcend traditional borders of public and private law.