Public Contracts: Law & Governance

In this programme research of public contracts is conducted from a Law and Governance perspective. Public contracts are considered in a broad meaning as legal relationships between the government and a private party. One could think of the right to deliver goods or services to the government, the right to exploit or deliver these rights from the government, a financial grant by the government and the right to engage in an economic activity in one’s own profit on the basis of a governmental licence.

The programme is concerned with both the process of allocation and assignment of these rights as well as the regulation of the content and the settlement of these relationships. In each case the question is how the position of the government (as player or as regulator) at the allocation, assignment or settlement influences the regulatory process. In this context both public law and private law questions play an important role.

This programme participates in the Centre for Public Contract Law & Governance.

Programme director: dr. mr. P.J. (Pim) Huisman

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