Centre for Public Contract Law & Governance

The Centre for Public Contract Law & Governance is an expert centre of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It focuses on government contracts, public procurement, distributing scarcity, public-private legal relationships, semi-public entities, and distribution of responsibilities on the market.

The CPC performs its research and education activities particularly from a law and regulation perspective. Our mission is to support the government, semi-public entities, and market parties in realizing their public and private interests.
We undertake both fundamental academic research as well as research and consultancy commissioned by legal practice. Besides that, we provide education, training and presentations. Our clients come from the government as well as legal practice.

The CPC equally consists of experts with a private law and a public law background. This mixed composition makes the CPC unique of its kind. Moreover, our people have broad knowledge of the impact of European Union law.

The CPC is established at the law faculty of VU Amsterdam (Kooijmans Institute). It is founded on a long lasting tradition of research and education involving the governance of public and private interests in society.

For more information, please visit the CPC website.