Leergang Parenting Coordination voor gespecialiseerde mediators

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De leergang Parenting Coordination bestaat uit vijf colleges die gedurende drie dagen worden aangeboden.
Deze colleges worden allen verzorgd in het Nederlands.

Op dit moment kunt u het programma alvast doorlezen in het Engels.
Op een later moment zal dit programma op deze pagina in het Nederlands beschikbaar worden gesteld.

Dagdeel 1: Introduction into parenting coordination

  • An overview of the origins of parenting coordination covering the development of this ADR mechanism in the USA, Canada and South Africa. 
  • The South African parenting coordination guidelines 
  • The role of the PC:
    o    Legal/mental health hybrid role
    o    Managing & resolving conflict
    o    Decision-making
    o    Child focused
    o    Education
    o    Information
    o    Assessment
    o    Screening for domestic violence

Dagdeel 2: Skills required of the parenting coordinator (PC):

o    Mediation skills
o    Dispute resolution skills
o    Drafting of proposals, recommendations and directives
o    Knowledge of developmental psychology wrt attachment, coaching, alienation and alignment, sleepover contact
•    Role play 1(fish bowl)

Dagdeel 3: The parenting coordination process

(Summary of dagdeel 1 & 2: concerns & questions)

  • Unbiased PC: what does this mean 
  • Participation of the parties 
  • Maintaining transparency of the process 
  • Caucus: when, why 
  • Practical parenting coordination: do’s and don’ts 
  • Child participation 
  • Role play 2 & 3: delegates participate in different roles

Dagdeel 4: The parenting coordination process

  • Mediation in parenting coordination: evaluative, solution-focused 
  • Role play 4: includes writing of directive/recommendation/proposal 
  • Therapeutic jurisprudence: does parenting coordination fulfill this role? 
  • Difficulties typically experienced by parents at the time of as well as post divorce:
    o    Anger, hurt, mourning
    o    Caring for children: new responsibilities
    o    New relationships
    o    Relocation
    o    Understanding attachment 
  • Roleplay 5: provide e-mails, one party refuses to acknowledge the dispute, refuses to attend, demanding directive via e-mail

Dagdeel 5

(summary of dagdeel 3 & 4: concerns and questions)

  • Feedback re directives/ recommendations/proposals 
  • Advantages and criticism of parenting coordination 
  • Therapeutic jurisprudence: does parenting coordination fulfill this role? 
  • Can parenting coordination be included in the jurisdiction of the Netherlands? (Brigitte) 
  • Developing one’s own personal style and remaining congruent in the process 
  • Closure, certification, supervision
Delegates will receive an extended pre-reading list, will be required to sign a confidentiality form and will be requested to complete a course evaluation form. Post training, delegates will be offered supervision via SKYPE or e-mail.
Pre-training the delegated will be requested to to provide a brief CV, professional background and experience as well as difficulties currently experienced in their work. Based on this information, the ‘dagdelen’ may be adjusted to suit the needs of the delegates.