Smeehuijzen, prof. mr. J.L. (Lodewijk)

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( privaatrecht )
Hoogleraar Privaatrecht, afdelingshoofd

Curriculum vitae

Lodewijk Smeehuijzen holds a master in law from the University of Amsterdam (1996). He practiced law for five years at De Brauw Blackstone Wetsbroek and Houthoff Buruma (1996 – 2001), concentrating on litigation and commercial contracts. In 2008 he defended his Ph.D. thesis (cum laude) on limitation of actions. He currently is professor of private law at the VU law faculty and honorary judge in the Court of Appeal Arnhem-Leeuwarden.

In 2016, Lodewijk won the Van Der Duijn Schouten award for best university teacher of VU Amsterdam.


Lodewijk is director of the master’s programmes Ondernemingsrecht aan de Zuidas and Law, Markets & Behavior. He teaches Contract Law, Tort Law, Anatomy of Corporate Law, Law of Obligations and Law & Governance.

In his teaching he aims to take the law out of the books and demonstrate its real-life implications. He does this by involving students in his empirical research, by closely cooperating with legal practice (guest lectures at law firms, banks, regulators) and by involving disciplines such as economics and psychology. His executive teaching (at law firms and the judiciary) focuses on various fields of contract law and tort law.


Lodewijk writes in the areas of contract law, tort law, corporate law, civil procedure, alternative dispute resolution, legal theory and financial regulation. About half his work is based on classical legal research methods, focusing on doctrinal issues.

The other half is law-in-action oriented, inspired by empirical research and mostly in (interdisciplinary) collaboration with others. An example of the latter is his current project examining DNB’s supervision of behaviour and culture, together with Cynthia Williams (corporate and securities law), John Conley (anthropology and law) and Deborah Rupp (organizational psychology).

Fields of interest

Tort law, contract law, limitation of actions, business mediation, arbitration, behavior and culture in financial supervision, bad faith claims handling, legal certainty, interdisciplinary research.

Key publications

  • J.L. Smeehuijzen, Hoe denken Zuidas-advocaten over Mediation?, Tijdschrift voor Mediation en conflictmanagement, TMD 2016, 20
  • J.L. Smeehuijzen, Rechtszekerheid versus billijkheid in concreto, in J.L. Smeehuijzen e.a., Rechtszekerheid in het ondernemings- en vermogensrecht, Kluwer, 2014
  • J.L. Smeehuijzen e.a., Opvang en schadeafwikkeling bij onbedoelde gevolgen van medisch handelen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2013
  • J.L. Smeehuijzen, Some Tentative Thoughts on Punitive Damages in Case of Bad Faith Claim Handling by Insurers, in L. Meurkens, The Power of Punitive Damages, is Europe Missing Out?, Metro, 2012.

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