Cornelisse, dr. G.N. (Galina)

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faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid/faculty of law ( transnational legal studies )
Associate professor

Curriculum vitae
Galina studied international law at the University of Leiden (1994-2000). She wrote her dissertation at the European University Institute in Florence (2001-2007), and lectured in constitutional law at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of the Law Faculty at Utrecht University from 2005 until 2009. Since 2009 she works in the Department of Transnational Legal Studies.

Educational activities

  • Coordinator of the specialization Transnational Legal Studies in the LL.M. Coordinator LL.M. theses Transnational Legal Studies.
  • Director of the LLB programmes in law and notary law.
  • Teaches: Transnational law in social context (master, coordinator), European legal protection (bachelor) International law (bachelor).

Research activities
Galina Cornelisse participates in the faculty research programme Boundaries of Law and conducts research in the programme Legal Principles in the International Context.

International law, EU law, constitutional law, human rights law, EU free movement of persons, EU migration law, Dutch immigration law

Main publications

  • Cornelisse, G.N. (2016). Territory, Procedures and Rights: Border Procedures in European Asylum Law.  Refugee Survey Quarterly, 2016 (1), 74-90.
  • Cornelisse, G.N. (2015). State Borders, Human Mobility and Social Equality: from Blueprints to Pathways. In L. Weber (Ed.), Rethinking Border Control for a Globalising World (Rethinking Globalizations) (pp. 80-97). Routledge
  • Cornelisse, G.N. (2014) What’s wrong with Schengen? Border Disputes and the Nature of Integration in the Area without Internal Borders,Common Market Law Review, 51: 741-770.
  • Cornelisse, G.N. (2011). A new articulation of human rights, or why the European Court of Human Rights should think beyond Westphalian sovereignty. In M.B. Dembour and T. Kelly (eds), Are Human rights for migrants? (pp. 99-119) Abingdon/New York: Routledge
  • Cornelisse, G.N. (2010). Immigration Detention and Human Rights: Rethinking Territorial sovereignty (Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in Europe, 19). Leiden Boston: Brill.
  • Cornelisse, G.N. (2010). Immigration Detention and the Territoriality of Human Rights. In N. De Genova & N. Peutz (Eds.), The Deportation Regime: Sovereignty, Space, and the Freedom of Movement. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

More publications

Postal address
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Ancillary activities

Raad voor de rechtspraak, lid Landelijke Advies Commissie Asiel en Vreemdelingenbewaring (Dutch Council for the Judiciary, National Advisory Committee for Asylum and Detention, Utrecht

Forum/Sdu uitgevers, Redactie Jurisprudentie Vreemdelingenrecht, Den Haag / Utrecht

Ars Aequi, Nijmegen, Redactie Rechtspraak Vreemdelingenrecht


Raad voor de rechtspraak - Lid commissie LARAV Utrecht, 01 januari 2011
Forum/ Sdu uitgevers - Redactie JV Den Haag / Utrecht, 02 januari 2014
Laatste wijzigingen Nevenwerkzaamheden: Amsterdam 27 januari 2017